Das Haus - the best new address in Tallinn city center

Das Haus consists of 4 different buildings which form a comprehensive residential quarter. The construction of all 4 buildings will be completed at the same time by the end of 2019. All buildings have separate entrances and lobbies but they are connected through underground parking.

Das Haus is undoubtedly located in the best location in Tallinn city center — in the corner of Pärnu Road and Süda Street where everything is in close proximity. Das Haus is characterized by bright 1-5 room apartments, high ceilings and underground parking. Most of the apartments have terraces, balconies and the apartments on the side of Süda Street have also private patios. The apartments have breathtaking vires over the Old Town, the ea and the greenery of Süda Street.

On the first floor there are commercial premises and a restaurant. Since Pärnu Road was originally planned to be wider than it actually is these days, there is also a green area planned between the road and the building.

Das Haus project involves the best architects in Estonia.

Exterior Architecture

Indrek Allmann
Indrek Suigusaar
Gunnar Kurusk

Architectural Bureau PLUSS

“Certainly one of the most remarkable quarters in Estonia – the noted ‘ginkgo tree’ block finally gets its new form. Following the rhythm of the buildings designed during President Päts’s time, we have created a group of apartment buildings, which have the traditional cafés and small shops on the ground floor and the people living on the upper floors can enjoy life on the border of the lifeblood of Tallinn, Pärnu Road, and the quiet Süda Street quarter. People are all different and we have also designed every building in the block to be different – everyone will find something they like.”

Special features of external architecture

  • Outstanding architecture
  • On the border of cosy and business-like
  • Ginkgo tree park

Interior Architecture

Meelis Press

Meelis Press Architects

“The interiors in Das Haus focus on durability, which means they are timeless and unpretentious. A good home is like an empty theatre stage, it’s not egoistic and offers the perfect setting for all performances. As residents, we create our own performances at home – with our books, pets, vases, hobbies and ourselves, and the stage for these performances is ready!”

Special features of internal architecture

Privacy in the heart of the city

The right to be independent

Highest quality in everything

Interior design


The neutral light colours bring light and space to the modern apartments with their simplicity and cleanliness. The main shades used are light wall colours and light ceramic tiles with natural marble pattern. The doors in the apartments are stained the same colour as the wide-plank light flooring with natural oak veneer.


The elegant and cosy interior is created by a colour combination dominated by dark shades. The cosy greyish brown colour has been added as an accent to the predominantly light colour scheme. Dark ceramic plates with a natural marble pattern have been used in the bathrooms. The doors in the apartments are stained the same colour as the wide-plank dark flooring with natural oak veneer.

Das Haus is in the best location and in the best possible environment.